Citizen Diplomats for Syria e.V. is a nongovernmental organization, registered in Hannover and bound by German law that aims to contribute to peace building in Syria. The NGO pursues the double goal of promoting integration in Germany and building capacity for a future reconstruction and democratic transition in Syria (integration being, at the same time, a goal in itself and an instrument). Citizen Diplomats for Syria aims to strengthen the Syrian civil society in exile, rebuild bridges of peace between discordant parts of the Syrian society and build bridges between the exiled Syrians and their host societies/local communities. Its participatory approach draws on universal democratic values and engages the target group(s) in active dialogue and joint projects.

Friedenskreis Syrien a non-profit association, founded in 2013 by young Syrians and Germans and registered in Berlin, Germany. Working independently, without affiliation to any political party, it finances itself by means of membership fees and donations as well as external funding. The organisation stands for a peaceful culture of conflict and constructive dialogue. Friedenskreis Syrien e.V. believes that a ceasefire and a peaceful future for Syria is possible by means of a political solution, namely dialogue between the direct and indirect conflict parties as well as civil society. Through different projects, spaces are created for individuals to discuss and exchange ideas and thoughts about different topics related to identity, participation and governance. Due to the rapid increase of persons seeking refuge in Germany, the association has broadened its scope of functions to the realm of intercultural exchange between those arriving in Germany and the host society. The association has adopted civic and cultural projects in the form of seminars, workshops and discussions, trying to make peaceful exchange tangible and visible.

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