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Young Leaders for Syria is a programme – and the community of participants in the programme. The Young Leaders for Syria develop their own contribution to sustainable peace and a future democratic transformation in Syria through active, civic dialogue and joint workshops and projects. At the same time, they find and test answers to current challenges in Germany. We invite young Syrians in Germany to participate in our workshops and to become actively involved in the community.

Who are we?

Young Leaders for Syria is a program carried by the Citizen Diplomats for Syria e.V., the Friedenskreis Syrien e.V. and the European Foundation for Democracy. All three organisations are committed to strengthening democratic participation in an open and pluralistic society and promote societal dialogue. Together with young Syrians in exile, we want to contribute to the preparation for reconstruction and democratic transformation in Syria after the end of the conflict.

Our projects

We organize workshops and projects that promote dialogue between Syrians and with people from the host society. We work with a variety of methods on topics such as identity and participation, liberal values and democratic decision-making and negotiation processes. In this way, we promote an active civic attitude. The Young Leaders for Syria program thrives on the commitment of participants who develop their own projects and with whom we develop our projects further.

Our forum

The forum gives current and former participants of our workshops the opportunity to stay in touch with each other and with us, regardless of their location, and to get involved. We continue the exchange, develop ideas from the meetings further and conceive new projects together. Forum members also have the opportunity to find contacts for specific topics and enlarge their networks. As a communication platform, the forum is therefore an important instrument for our joint activities. It is filled with life by the people who are involved in the community.

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